Elevation. Coastal Proximity. Steep hillsides.

Planted in 1998, Sea View Ridge Vineyard is perched upon Smith Ridge, higher and closer to the ocean than Camp Meeting Ridge Vineyard. Sea View has unobstructed views of the rugged coastline, green valleys, and surrounding mountains.

Elevations range from 1,400 to 1,800 feet — well above the ocean fog layers that cool the vineyard from below. Like Camp Meeting Ridge, Sea View contains a large amount of land (327 acres), but only 43 acres are under vine. It is planted almost entirely to Pinot Noir, with the exception of 2 acres of Chardonnay and 1.7 acres of Pinot Meunier in block 19.

With a greater presence of younger volcanic ash soils, the wines of Sea View Ridge are plusher and rounder on the palate compared to the denser Camp Meeting Ridge. With a greater percentage of the vineyard planted to Dijon clones, Sea View Ridge Pinot Noir leads with high-toned fruit aromatics of huckleberry and strawberry balanced by a beautiful, minty, forest floor earthiness. The unique character of this wine is its seductive elegance.


Pinot Noir Taste Profile:
Bright fruit, feathery tannins, perfumed aromatics.

Pinot Noir Clonal Plantings:
2A, Swan, Calera, 777

Chardonnay Taste Profile:
Bright aromatics, crisp fruit, elegant body.

Chardonnay Clonal Plantings:
Hyde-Old Wente


Sea View Ridge’s true distinction comes from its volcanic soils and rolling hillsides, allowing for heritage clonal plantings and greater variance in ripening. These unique vineyard qualities result in Sea View Ridge’s wines consistently displaying perfumed aromatics, bright cranberry fruit, pure elegance, and hints of herbal bay space with lingering coastal minerality.

Sense of Place

The well-known San Andreas Rift comes ashore nearby at Ft. Ross and is responsible for much of the geological movement in the region and has influenced both Sea View Ridge and Camp Meeting Ridge vineyards. The underlying, or parent material of the vineyard soils was once ocean floor. Through cataclysmic events of fault movements that generated great heat and pressure, the marine sedimentary rock was transformed into fault gouge material consisting of rocks like schist, shale, sandstone, greywacke, and greenstone. These ancient rocks and weathered soils help to control vine vigor on our estate and create wines of depth with bright fruit, earth, and mineral characteristics – wines that reflect a true “sense of place”.

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